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Costa Maya Port

Costa Maya is the Western Caribbean’s first port exclusively designed for welcoming cruise ship and it's also the Mexico's 2nd most popular cruise ship destination. The port is strategically situated just a few hours from Cancun, on Mexico’s southern Yucatan Peninsula.
Costa Maya's port receives over one million passengers per year, it's able to accommodate three ships at once and entertain visitors to a destination that showcases the ancient and colonial heritage of the Mexican Caribbean with all of today’s confort.

The port it's open only to cruise ship passengers and offers a modern luxury shopping mall, restaurants, bars and sea water swimming pool. There are several jewelery stores and many small shops selling ubiquitous souvenir items.
Keep in mind that although you could spend your entire day at the port the prices are much higher then in the Town of Mahahual.

Costa Maya Port
Costa Maya's port does have a beach area but it is a rocky beach requiring aqua socks or strap on sandals such as Tevas. To truly experience the Caribbean/Mexican flavor of this destination, and if you are looking for a sandy beach and great beach bar, you need to take the short 5 minute drive to Mahahual or partake in an excursion or tour.

Transportation to Mahahual is provided from the main exit area of the Port; you can get a Van, Bus or Taxi for $3US per person.

Costa Maya is the closest port of access to many of the lesser known Mayan ruins in the Yucatan including Chacchoben and Kohunlich. These sites are substantially less excavated than the better known pyramids near Cancún.

Costa Maya's Port sustained heavy damage due to Hurricane Dean in August 2007. This included the dock designed for cruise ships. Holland America's Westerdam was the first cruise ship to return to the port since Hurricane Dean on October 31, 2008.

Welcome to Costa Maya!

Calendar Costa Maya cruise ship arrival schedule for Year 2011


 Date  Cruise Ship  Arrival  Departure
02/May/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
02/May/2011 NCL Epic 08:00AM 06:00PM
03/May/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
05/May/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
09/May/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
10/May/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
13/May/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
14/May/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
14/May/2011 HAL Rotterdam 08:00AM 05:00PM
16/May/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
17/May/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
19/May/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
23/May/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
24/May/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
30/May/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
31/May/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM


 Date  Cruise Ship  Arrival  Departure
02/Jun/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
06/Jun/2011 Pullmantur Horizon 08:00AM 06:00PM
07/Jun/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
16/Jun/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
21/Jun/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
28/Jun/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
30/Jun/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM


 Date  Cruise Ship  Arrival  Departure
05/Jul/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
12/Jul/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
14/Jul/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
19/Jul/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
26/Jul/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
28/Jul/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM


 Date  Cruise Ship  Arrival  Departure
02/Aug/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
09/Aug/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
11/Aug/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
16/Aug/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
23/Aug/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
25/Aug/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
30/Aug/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM


 Date  Cruise Ship  Arrival  Departure
06/Sep/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
08/Sep/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM
13/Sep/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
20/Sep/2011 NCL Spirit 10:00AM 06:00PM
22/Sep/2011 Carnival Dream 07:00AM 03:00PM

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